Curriculum Vitae

IG: @wowflower1

Mairen Doyle is an artist specializing in illustration, murals, comics, and animation.

Group Exhibitions

03/18 Kaleidoscope Girls Group Show, Flying Pony Cafe and Gallery, paintings and zines

11/17 Dirty Talk, Smiling Buddha, paintings and zines

04/17 Contain/Collect, 1550 Dundas St. W, Toronto, paintings and performance art

03/17 Playgirls and Sweethearts, 940 Variety, drawing installation

09/16 RawWorks I & II, Bully’s Studios, paintings and drawings


06/18 Livin La Interstellar Vida Loca, Yonge and Dundas Public Square, digital screen projection

05/18 Mildred Trilogy, Study Group Comics Online Publication, long form comics

10/17 Squish, Bait/Switch Call and Response Project, illustration

07/17 Mildred’s Motel Mixups, Thank You Sorry Comix Anthology, short form comic

11/16 Mildred, The Le Sigh Digital Feminist Publication, short form comic

10/15 Pretzel, Fvckthemedia Online Publication, long form comic

Commissioned Works

08/18 Imagination Station, Wavelength Music Festival, installation

10/17 Jazz Cat, Lost and Gone Theatre Productions, mural

05/17 Candy Cat, Annex Pawn Boutique, mural

08/16 Bubblegum March, Wavelength Music Festival, installation

09/15 Hi How Are You, Private Residence, mural

04/15 Smart Learning Print Publication, illustrations